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Do you wear clothes? Then I want you to enjoy this site.

I’m here to provide outfit inspiration, how-tos, trend highlights, what to wear to a [insert occasion] ideas, sales to shop and fun videos – all presented in a way that’s helpful and entertaining. If a girlfriend sends a Larry in Burberry article to her boyfriend on G Chat, I want him to respond with “No. Not my style. Too busy for this”, and then read the article and think, “Hmmmm.” If I talk about Louis Vuitton camouflage on a Paris runway, I want my dad to find it entertaining from his Wisconsin tree stand.

I’m not going to tell you what to do. I’ve worn a bedazzled Ed Hardy tiger shirt in public. I’ve worn Gap capri pants to the first day of 8th grade.

But look at my capris now.

I want you to feel like Ryan Gosling walking through the airport listening to “I’m the Man”. Like you can do anything because you’re dressed for success. That’s how I felt wearing my Gucci pocket square on this trolley (maybe the six Bud Lights also contributed).

I love fashion and have spent more time than I’d like to admit reading about it, but I’m not here to be obnoxious or give you the blue cerulean speech from Devil Wears Prada if you think two belts look the same.

Yes, I dream of IKEA-inspired Balenciaga bags, but I still put furniture together myself (and then use the box to make myself Ameri-Ken).

Think of Larry in Burberry like Damsel in Dior’s work husband, who she really loves but sometimes gets annoyed with because he goes too all out on the 4th of July (see above).

I earnestly wish we could all just walk around naked and not worry about revere collars and pleated pants and fashion blogs, but Adam bit into that damn forbidden fruit and now we have apple-bottom jeans.

So let’s wear them well.

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