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Allstars of Project Runway Fashion Show – Why You Should Attend

This is Larry with fashion designer and Project Runway participant Peach Carr (and a model wearing a look from Peach’s latest collection).

My friend Chu Batsaihan (more on him later) and I were invited to a kickoff cocktail mixer recently to learn more about JourneyCare’s first ever couture for a cause event – the All Stars of Project Runway Fashion Show on June 28 and 29th in Chicago.

In short, it’s an event to raise money for JourneyCare that’s very important to me. Five designers from Project Runway will be showing off exclusive new designs (available for purchase) to shine the spotlight on care for children and adults living with serious illness.

Before we get into why you should attend, here are the official details:

You can buy tickets here. Ok, so why should you spend $350-500? (If you love Project Runway and just want to see the designers, skip to the end.) Here are nine reasons for consideration. It’s going to be a great weekend.

#1: It Supports a Great Cause

JourneyCare is an amazing organization. My good friend Chu unfortunately experienced their exceptional care a few years back when his Dad became seriously ill. The staff and entire organization compassionately and expertly looked after his father, and their support for the entire family made the best of an extremely difficult time. When a parent is sick, nothing is more important than making sure their day-to-day needs are met, they’re comfortable and have as much joy as possible in their day.

This is the biggest reason I’m spreading the word and hoping a few of you attend the event. You can read Chu’s full story here, but here’s what he said about the care his Dad received:

“His clinical team not only gave him the best care, but they went above and for our family, too. We could stay with our father as long as we wanted – even overnight – and the staff would often make sure we had eaten or just check how we were holding up.

All of this was so much different than the negative connotation I initially had of hospice. Even though it was such a difficult time for our family, it was wonderful that we did not have to worry about anything else but being there for Dad.”

After his Dad passed, Chu turned a party he’s hosted since college into his own fundraiser for JourneyCare, raising thousands of dollars on his own.

Larry and Chu at the Catalina Wine Mixer, Chu’s fundraiser for JourneyCare

I love Chu, so hearing about JourneyCare’s work from him is impactful and inspiring. On a more general level, donations from the community have allowed JourneyCare to provide financial support to accomplish the following:

  • Cover costs related to uninsured or underinsured patients
  • Develop JourneyCare’s All About Kids pediatric programs to provide specialized, compassionate care and support for infants, children and families facing serious or life-limiting illness
  • Develop integrative therapies programs to compliment the care we provide
  • Expand JourneyCare’s grief support services for families and the community
  • Support research and education for the community and JourneyCare staff

That’s the important stuff. If you’re hungry for more reasons to attend, let’s move to #2.

#2: It’s Money Well Spent, Especially if You Have Good Taste

Yes, it’s $350-500, but it’s going to be fashionable feast. A runway long buffet and carving station will feature delicious delights cut bespoke for you. An open bar will whet your whistle for wears all evening. A special brandy and cigar tent will cap off the night right.

Friday night’s VIP reception at the Waldorf Astoria features hors d’oeuvres from Margeaux Brasserie – a classic French Bistro reminiscent of 1920’s Paris 🇫🇷.

A round trip flight to Paris alone is 2X the price of this event. And when you factor in hotels, macaroons and a VIP ticket to Moulin Rouge, you’re saving a crepe load of coin comparatively.

And the Waldorf Astoria courtyard makes for great Instagram photos.

The venue for Saturday is also spectacular.

Speaking of money…

#3: You Can Get Your Tax Deductible Charitable Contributions Done in One Night

I get my taxes done at H&R Block. My friendly tax champion mentioned if you claim more than $500 in charitable contributions, the IRS may look at you more closely. For those that like checking off to-do’s, this event lets you take care of your charitable giving in one night. (*This is for rationalizing purposes only. Larry isn’t a fiduciary. I’m sure there are lots of things I don’t know about this, especially for people on the fundraiser circuit.)

#4: You Like Larry and Chu

I hope this reason to attend speaks for itself, but it would make all the posing with mermaids worth it if just two people came to this event learning about it from Larry.

We’ve also never ran a marathon and asked for donations, pressured you to buy a niece’s girl scout cookies or done a Facebook birthday gift fundraiser.

#5: Raising a Paddle is Awesome

I’ve never done it. What a rush it must be. There will be an auction. I can’t wait. Imagine a paddle in each of these hands…


#6: Get to Wear Things You Normally Wouldn’t

At a wedding, you have to worry about letting the bride and groom shine. Not here. You can finally wear those special occasion shoes you bought on sale or that shirt with UFOs on it you were saving for when you got drafted in the NFL.

Friday’s cocktail reception is “summer cocktail attire”. I’ll be channeling Seth Rogan.

#7: Care Karma

Most people don’t think about hospice care until someone in their family needs it. Spend the night learning about it with some great people. Talk to JourneyCare staff and see their passion. I talked with an IT guy at our recent mixer who mentioned he spent two hours on the phone with Comcast last week trying to get a patient’s cable turned back on.

Tell your parents about this event and JourneyCare. They will like that.

#8: You Never Know Who Could Be in The FROW

There aren’t many fashion shows of this scale in Chicago. Peach Carr has run events like this across the country and it’s going to be legit. The front row is usually reserved for fashion royalty.

But at this event, it could be you.

#9: Meet and Mingle with World Class Designers

Here are the five designers who will be in attendance. They’re all fabulous, and if you buy the two day VIP ticket package, you can drink with them and buy one-of-a-kind pieces from their new collections.

There you have it. Here’s the link to buy tickets again. If you’re not convinced at this point….




If you decide to buy tickets…


Stay tuned to @LarryinBurberry’s Instagram for more content to come.

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