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What to Wear to the Office Holiday Party

The office holiday party is a delightfully dangerous night. You want to mingle and jingle, schmooze with some higher ups, but still stay on the company nice list.

It’s a unique opportunity to wear something that matches this festive mood, but if you’re baking something from scratch, it can be hard to not look cookie cutter.

Here are seven areas of office party outfit inspiration to impress the CEO, look good in the team photo and feel fresh while singing Mariah Carey.

Make the Season Bright

Mixing up your jacket and pants is the easiest way to make a formal look more fun, and an office holiday party affords you the opportunity to really get colorful (while potentially getting some use out of that burgundy jacket you had to have when it went on sale but still haven’t worn).

Get on the Knot-y List

The Tie Bar has quality holiday tie options for $20. Great if you want to look fresh but still have money left over to buy all your in-laws Instant Pots.

Go Minus the Tie if You’re a +1

Remember that burgundy suit I mentioned earlier?

Anyway, the no tie look is great if you’re a +1. It says, “Don’t worry, everyone. I’m casual. I’m cool.You can have that last bacon wrapped date. I want to hear about what you’ve been working on in Q4. Oh, Randy, my wife has told me so many great things about you!”

Velvet is a Nice Touch

I wore a velvet blazer to my office holiday party two years ago and my colleague’s boyfriend told me I looked like a club promoter. “Well, I’d never let you into my club. I’d have you wait in line for an hour and then have Steve Aoki come out and smash a cake in your face.” That’s how I responded the next day in my head after replaying the interaction for 24 hours straight. Nonetheless, I stand by the velvet blazer. It’s a great holiday party look. And if anyone at my club was on molly, they’d love how soft my jacket felt.

Stick Your Neck Out

The office holiday party is the time to take chances. Talk to the VP about the changing industry ecosystem. Try the jacket/turtleneck look for the first time. Anything’s possible.

Q4 Cozy and Casual

If your party is more laid back, try a festive sweater combo. This is also a good desperate times/desperate measures move if you’ve been drinking eggnog and eating cookies all December and your suit doesn’t fit.

Make the Right Seasonal Statement

Take it easy Frosty the bro man.

For the love of Mrs. Claus don’t wear one of these holiday printed suits.

Some people just can’t resist. The ho ho ho gets in their soul. I mean, Target is trying to indoctrinate the youth onto the fashion naughty list. These kids are going to blackout (on pixie stix) before the apple pie is even served at Christmas dinner.

If you always get your tree up before Thanksgiving and have to wear something holiday-themed, leave it to the accessories. Socks, pocket squares, lapel pins or tie bars are acceptable. Pair some Santa socks with festive, funky shoes and Vixen(s) will guide your sleigh instead of Rudolph.

Santa socks from The Tie Bar

So on prancer. On dasher. On prancer. On fashion.

Enjoy your holiday parties. For more outfit inspiration, check out Larry’s office party Pinterest board.




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