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Eatleisure Attire Essentials for the Holidays

You’ve heard of athleisure (clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities is worn in other settings, such as at the workplace, at school, or at other casual or social occasions). I’d like to introduce to a new term I’ve coined just in time for the festive feasting season: Eatleisure.

Eatleisure is attire for when you know you’re going to eat a lot, but still have to look presentable. You want your parents to remain proud of you, but also need to take a comfy nap. It perfectly balances comfort, style and versatility – allowing you to eat, drink, hold babies and look good in photos – all in one outfit.

Here are 5 eatleisure attire essentials to get you through the holidays.

#1 The Nice Sweatshirt

This is my favorite eatleisure piece. It’s causal yet put together, the sleeves are a little tighter than sweaters for maximum fork efficiency (avoid brushing in sauces and sides), it’s versatile enough for backyard football or football on TV and there are a variety of kinds that look great depending on your style preferences.

Here’s me going wild in Chinatown in an Ovadia & Sons camo crew sweatshirt. I sampled a little from about 10 different plates and still felt and looked fresh afterward.

A nice hooded Todd Snyder sweatshirt looks strong with new sneakers and is great for talking real estate with Uncle Fred.

And a warmer fleece sweatshirt is perfect for indoor/outdoor comfort and style. In case you need to periodically walk the dog.

#2: Fancy Sweatpants

Larry in Burberry obviously needs to have Burberry sweatpants. They’re perfect for brunch. The only downside is you unlike normal sweatpants, you absolutely can’t fart in them. It feels wrong. #RealTalk

#3: The Shirt Jacket

Shirt jackets generally have great structure, so no matter what’s going on underneath, it looks like you’ve been mixing in some green beans with the rolls and yams. Here’s one designed by John Varvatos and Nick Jonas that’s a solid choice if celebs will be at your holiday dinner.

#4: The Big, Chunky Sweater

If you’re feeling like a sloth, the chunky sweater is a savior, especially a shawl option like this one from Buck Mason:

Every time you go near a mirror, just pull the opening together and say, it’s a chunky sweater. It looks good. Just don’t ever, EVER try to button it.

#5: “Travel Jeans”

Perfect for when you’re in transit and when you get to your destination. They look like normal, respectable jeans, but the waist has a little spandex in it for extra give – which is ideal for eating, napping and holding babies.

#6: The Vacation Shirt

If you’re somewhere warm for the holidays, a colorful vacation shirt is an easy way to make make things more comfortably festive. Any shirt from Chubbies works. Looks at all the cheer I’m spreading in this photo.

#7: Drawstring Trousers

A lot of brands make nice looking trousers like Topman and Suit Supply that have an elastic waist and drawstring.

It’s the best of both worlds and come in clutch for fancier affairs when you’re feeling more like a 7-course meal than looking like a snack.

Well, I made this list of best eatleisure items off the top of my head and then realized I had a picture for every single one of them. Not sure that’s great, but eatleisure is apparently a lifestyle.

Happy holidays, everyone. Enjoy the feasts.


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