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50 Ways to Wear Cargos

Grab two water bottles and your favorite snacks, because the single person’s purse is back in style! (Wait, when were they out of style?!) Cargos are hot in the streets right now. I saw them everywhere at the Minnesota State Fair in August, which was to be expected, but they’ve also graced the fashion week runways of New York, London, Milan and Paris over the past month.

Now, are the good folks of Minnesota so far behind they’re actually trendy again? Are fru fru fashion elites appropriating the practical + tactical crowd? I’m not here to say. Does it matter?

No. Being able to carry a lot of shit is always a good thing. And despite our regional differences, this proves once again humans across the globe are more similar than different.

Here are 50 recent examples of how to wear cargos.

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