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Letters to Larry: A Gift Worth the Hype

Periodically, I receive questions from readers whose answers could help more people. I’m going to post them as I get them every other Thursday. If you have any clothes curiosities, send them to, or text me.


Hi Larry!

My cousin turns 16 next week and I want to get him a great birthday gift. He loves the finer things – gold bracelets, Supreme, Gucci, luxurious jogger pants… any idea for what I should get him? I’d like to spend under $150. Thanks for your help!

29 and Clueless


Here’s what I’d say. He’s 16 and lives in L.A. (L.A. youths are very intimidating), so perfectly selecting something he’d pick out for himself will be tough. I’d try to tie the gift to some connection you have with him or pick out something classic he maybe wouldn’t pick out for himself. This is the cousin who wore Commes des Garcons Converse to your wedding so…

Supreme and Commes des Garcons are collaborating on a collection that includes t-shirts, a sweatshirt, etc. coming out 9/13. I’m not sure how much all of that will cost, but anything Commes Des Garcons might be a cool connection.

Otherwise, a lot of the street style fashionistas have awesome designer socks to go with their sneaks (and joggers). I think this would be a great gift because it’s hard to justify paying $100+ for yourself, but you’d pay under your limit, and I would be thrilled to receive something like this. A few of my favorite options here:

Beyond that, it’s going to be hard to out knowledge him in the hype beast street wear department, but you might be able to show him some wiser, older person brands that are also making moves.

John Elliott is an L.A.-based designer who just partnered with Lebron. If he likes Lebron/is excited he’s coming to L.A., it might be cool to get him something from him. Most the Nike collab stuff is sold out, but there are some cool basics or a gift card option. There are also some amazing corduroy bball shorts that are $168. Lebron, Bieber and other celebs were at his NYFW show this week, so he’s hot in the streets.

I think I’d lean toward the socks, but hope this helps!



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