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How to Wear JNCOs in 2018

Man in JNCO jeans

Almost one year ago today, JNCOs magically came into my possession (think Brotherhood of the Traveling Pants).

The timing was apropos, given wide-leg jeans are popular among the trendiest celebs, models and IG fashionistas. (Who wore it better: Larry or Rocky Barnes?)

I get why they came back in style. When I slipped my legs into the 50-inch openings, I was transported back to fifth grade. Life, mystery and freedom rushed to my thighs. I was back to living the JNCO’s mission: “Challenge conventionalism. Explore the unfamiliar. Honor individuality.”

I want you to feel this rush too.

You can still buy JNCOs, so I’m here to help show you jump on the wide-leg trend. A lot of fashion bloggers can give you a style guide to Marrakesh, but while Haute Hustler is posting in Postiano, only Larry is dancing the night away at Bobbers in the Wisconsin Dells. Speaking of which, let’s begin.

How to Wear JNCOs in 2018

Similar to real estate, choosing the location you wear JNCOs is key. The best place to wear them is the Wisconsin Dells. The JNCO slogan was “Judge None Choose One”. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but there’s no judgement of any kind in the Dells. I lost a golf match and had to wear a bro tank that said “I Support the Right to Bare Arms” and no one said anything to me. Like it was just normal to wear that. This is what my friend Matt wore out to the bars this year after similarly losing in golf.

Fashion is the feeling that flows through your veins when you walk, and when you slip on JNCOs in the Dells, you’re Kendall Jenner. Look at Chase strutting down the Redneck Runway of Chula Vista Resort.

My friend Brian wore them out to the “club” and had an awesome time.

Brian also expertly answered the age-old conundrum when it comes to JNCOs: what do I wear on top?

The old school short-sleeve button up was perfect. People kept asking him how the wedding was, but while he acted confused, his smirk told us all he knew he looked good.

Like I’ve mentioned in my How to Wear White Pants guide, style is more about attitude than set-in-stone commandments. And speaking of God (is a Woman), Ariana Grande said recently, “I don’t believe in any fashion rules. I think fashion is a form of self-expression.”

The great thing about JNCOs is they’re versatile, so you can express yourself however feels right.

My friend Justin ran a 5K in them.

JNCOs in 5K

JNCOs running 5K

My friend Chu felt like slow dancing with me when he put them on.

Who What Wear agrees with me. On wide-leg jeans: “Looser denim is a great weekend staple, but we’ve noticed that there are cool tailored cuts that look more elevated than your standard boyfriend jeans. Worn with a chic pair of heels and a simple tee or ankle boots and a sophisticated top, wide-leg jeans are the style to scoop up now.”

Uhhh, duh. JNCOs are the epitomy of fashion and function. Who wants to be squeezing into slim fit skinny jeans with your friend Brock yelling “Fresh Paint” every time he looks at you when you can give your hammys room to breathe while challenging conventionalism, exploring the unfamiliar and honoring individuality?

It’s no surprise to this blogger JNCO recorded sales of $186.9 million at its peak in 1998. While JNCOs may have went out of business in February, their legacy lives on in our hearts and the hearts we tap on Instagram.

Look at the glances in the background of Olivia Culpo’s photo above. JNCOs cause a ruckus. I recognize looks like that.

JNCOs in 2018

But it’s not about looks from other people. It’s how you feel when you look in the mirror.

Self confidence is the best outfit you can wear. JNCOs are a feeling. I think this video sums it up.

According to the JNCOs now defunct website, “wearing less than 50-inch leg openings would be a crime against fashion, and we won’t let that happen.”

Either will we. Because the PACSUN never sets on a badass.

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