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What to Wear to a Rehearsal Dinner

My rehearsal dinner outfit motto is simple: Impressive, intriguing, finger guns.

A rehearsal dinner is an excited mix of parents, long-time friends, buzzed singles, bridesmaids who have to get up at 4:30 a.m. to do their hair and that kinda weird childhood neighbor, Todd.

After you talk to parents, you want them to say, “Larry’s really grown into an impressive young man.”

You want skeptical singles to mutter, “Hmmm. What does that guy do again?”

Finally and most importantly, when you go to the bathroom after three scotch and sodas and look in the mirror, you want to give yourself the finger guns because you look sexy AF.

That’s the motto. Now, how do you accomplish it?

My recommendation is a blazer, t-shirt and fun shoes/sneakers. It’s what I wore to mine:

It’s what I wore to my good friends Stephanie and Trevors’ (photo at start of this article).

And it looks smart, casual and fun on anyone:

blazer and t-shirt

blazer and t-shirt

blazer and t shirt

You probably already have a suit, so pick up a fresh t-shirt, throw on your favorite sneaks and you’re all set. Quick and easy.

This is also the time to rationalize splurging on something new (top picks for everything mentioned in this article linked at the end), whether that’s a more casual Havana blazer, fresh pair of shoes or whatever else you’ve had your eye on. If you buy it for the rehearsal dinner, it’s bought it in the spirit of love and you can re-wear it to job interviews, happy hours or the annual Cause for Paws gala.

The key is to do something, anything with some pizazz.

Look at this guy.

rehearsal dinner attire

His girlfriend clearly dressed him and he looks fine, but let’s spice it up a bit, Brad. Look at how much more fun this guy is having.

@fernbetty on IG

The rehearsal dinner is a unique time to test out something spicy. It can still be simple.

A flowery short-sleeve button-up works well.

cwminchi fashion

Or try pulling off the put-together casual look (especially if the rehearsal is outdoors) or a polo under your blazer.

rehearsal dinner attire men

New Nikes are always a great choice.

rehearsal dinner attire men

Here are few more different looks for inspiration:

Often, your pizazz is determined by your procrastination. If you have a clothes Instagram like me and start thinking about what you’re going to wear 2-3 weeks ahead of time, you’re golden. That gives you enough time to get jackets tailored, shoes shipped or Barry’s Bootcamp classes attended to make sure you squeeze into anything slim fit. Butttt if you only have a one/two days, you’ll have to get creative. If the groom’s family is Native American (like mine) or the bride has an arrow tattoo, grab this tie bar from The Tie Bar.

arrow tie bar rehearsal dinner

If the wedding is in Texas or the bachelor party was in Austin, Amazon Prime yourself a bolo tie.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, if you’re thinking about your outfit a month out from the rehearsal dinner, do less. You don’t need to plan that far ahead. That’s how you end up looking like this:

Alright, that’s it. Hope these thoughts and inspiration help you celebrate love more stylishly.

Have fun at your rehearsal dinners, and wishing you impressive, intriguing, finger guns.

rehearsal dinner attire men

And here are my favorite, specific items mentioned in this article. They been selected selected with the thought that you can wear them to a rehearsal dinner but will also love wearing them afterward for multiple purposes.


Nike Killshot 2 – $155

Greats – $179

Common Projects – $274

New Balance 574 Classic – $50

Armando Cabral Hybrid Wooster – $343

Fun, Short-Sleeved Undershirts

Bonobos does these well. They have 20+ on sale.

Unique Casual Shirts + Polos

Suit Supply Casual Shirts

rehearsal dinner attire men

Neil Barret Lightning Bolt Polo – $366

Ted Baker Navy Jelly Polo – $119


Suit Supply Drawstring Dress Pants – $189

rehearsal dinner pants

Bonobos Weekday Warriors Friday Grey – $88

Bonobos Burgundy Stretch Italian Trousers – $98

Gap Original Plaid Khakis – $55

Topman Houndstooth – $110

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