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The T-Shirt Every Man Needs

I love Buck Mason. They’re an L.A. brand that’s put in a lot of effort to make men’s style look effortless. What they do best is the t-shirt, and it’s because they’re committed to it.

Every man should have at least three Buck Mason tees. They’re incredibly soft, come in a variety of styles, look great after numerous washes and somehow make you look sexy whether you’re been going HAM in the gym or at Easter. They’re also $28 – which means you’ll remember not to shrink them in the dryer, but won’t feel bad if you spill the jug of (Buck Mason) Kool Aid you’re chugging on it.

I’m more of a show not tell guy, so enough words. Let’s let some pics of the tee in action do the talking.

They look great…

in front of a mural after brunch with the wife and mother-in-law.

hat in front of felipe pantone chicago mural

while driving cars,

buck mason t-shirt driving car in mykonos

on the hood of cars,

larry in burberry on car hood in buck mason t-shirt

as undershirts for dadechlor parties,

Buck mason dadecholr party t-shirt

as undershirts at the airport,

on the beach (while someone is apparently doing something ratchet),

when you’re hot next to your truck..

on the GQ Man of the Year shoot,

and while day-drinking in jorts.

buck mason t-shirt and jorts

I think this pretty much says it all, but the “why” is just as important to us millennials. Here’s a page from their mail order catalogue that explains further.


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