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How to Pick a Wedding Tuxedo

I bought my wedding tux from Suit Supply. It ended up looking pretty snazzy, but I didn’t imagine it would be black when I first started the wedding planning process.

suit supply tuxedo

The color was my biggest hurdle. I spent hours on my mother-in-law’s couch scouring Pinterest for something extra sassy. Grey tuxes, burgundy suits, could emerald work? I’m Larry in Burberry, not A Penguin in Original Penguin. This was my wedding day too, and I wanted to look GOOD. My mother-in-law talked me out of it, and I’m glad she did.

As it turns out, some things are classic for a reason (like love, commitment, PB&J’s and Bruce Springsteen).

A black tux highlights your wife, your venue and looks great in a variety of situations. Like walking down the aisle…

black tux walking down the aisle

And in artsy, posed wedding shots…

black tux highlights the bride

It even looks great from behind…

first look at fowler wedding

Scenic wedding locales really pop…

black tux at california wedding

And it’s surprising sharp in black and white.

black and white wedding photo of fowler wedding

I’m genuinely glad I chose a black tux for my wedding. Your wedding isn’t the NBA Draft. Save the extra flair for the Paws Annual Charity Gala.

Another great option in navy blue. It doesn’t always match the flowers/decor/venue, but if it does, it looks great. My friends Burke and Nick both went Blue Steel for their tux, and they looked fabulous.

navy blue tuxedo

navy tuxedos at nick weisnicht's wedding

Once you’ve decided on the color, you can move to the next most important question: buy or rent?

I bought my tux. I want to wear it to fancy gatherings in the future, soar on the wings of love (and 6-8 scotch and sodas) and tell people “this is my wedding tux” and have them say “wow you still can fit in it, that’s impressive you’re staying in shape.” That being said, I got married almost one year ago and have done this exactly zero times. I stand by my decision, however. The most important factor with any suit is fit, and I wanted to own my tux so I could get it tailored to my exact specifications. Suit Supply did this all in house, and had a nice groom package for around $800.

If you’re going to rent, The Black Tux is the best option. I’ve personally used them for multiple weddings and my groomsmen rented from there. The tuxes look and feel awesome, and the process helps ensure everyone looks the same/can easily get everything they need delivered right to them. If you haven’t used The Black Tux, you simply create a look online (including undershirts/cuff links/socks, bow ties, etc.), send it to everyone in the wedding, call your dad/father-in-law and explain it all happens online and remind everyone to bring it. I also recommend getting the pre-made bow-ties. The ones from The Black Tux look crisp, and there’s nothing worse than saying, “Ah, we’ll watch the youTube video and figure it out” only to be running late and sweating out rehearsal dinner cocktails struggling on that damn step six (the swoop and loop).

Finally, if you want to add a little sizzle, there are a few ways I recommend. Socks are a big one. I went with a dots and lines combo that was subtly fun and got a lot of compliments. I also love having the socks from weddings I was in and wearing them afterwards. The Tie Bar and Happy Socks always have a variety of awesome options for any taste.

fowler wedding photo

Collars are another one. I considered messing with the collar a slippery slope before a recent wedding I was at where the groom rocked a wing tip collar and absolutely crushed it. Give a few different collars a try. You might surprise yourself.

wing collar black tux

Cuff links and watches are also an easy way to personalize. My friend Nick got all the groomsmen cuff links from their college, and Trevor (above) got all his groomsmen fun black watches that matched the tuxes.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Hopefully this helps in some small way, and if you just got married, congratulations.

And if all else fails, listen to your mother-in-law.

walking down aisle wedding


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