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Animal Shirt Power Rankings

I love animals. The zoo, Planet Earth, Nat Geo’s Instagram and this Ovadia & Sons shirt.

ovadia & sons zebra beach shirt

All spectacular.

There are animals everywhere on clothes right now, so let’s power rank who’s at the top of the fashion ecosystem. (Note: This list doesn’t include animal prints. A post on that will be coming later.)

#1: Bald Eagle

Not sure there’s much debate here. Any animal with the range to be sold at the gas station and Gucci has to be #1.

gucci eagle tie

#2: Wolf

Fierce. Similar gas station to Gucci logic here. It can be a full moon any night when you’re a one man wolf pack.

gucci wolf shoe

#3: Zebra

Might be a little high, but this shirt moves Zebras into the top 5.

Jay Z in Ovadia & Sons

Goodness gracious this shirt. And they’re usually getting chased by big cats, so big cats have to be behind them on this list. Simple laws of nature.

#4: Tiger


larry in burberry in tiger shirt

#5: Flamingo

Think the photos say it all. Flamingos are fun on their own, but they also play well with others on shirts.

larry in burberry in flamingo shirtlarry in burberry in chubbies one man wolf pack

Here’s the rest of the top 13 animals, with limited commentary (until they get higher on the food chain).

#6: Bee

Probably a little high for bees, but they’ve been creating buzz at Paris fashion week,

and it’s National Pollinators Month. In fact, Rowing Blazers is donating 20% of proceeds of these hats to the Honeybee Conservancy.

rowing blazers honeybee conservancy

#7: Snake

Close to my heart, but this competition is haute.

#8: Cheetah/Leopard

Probably the best animal print, so they’ll have their time to shine.

#9: Lion

Similarly, have The Lion King and every person who posts “Lions don’t concern themselves with the opinions of sheep” on Insta/Pinterest.

#10: Fox

#11: Elephant

#12: Alligator

#13: Bunny



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